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Your business pages and account management have changed. See what’s new…

Business Pages

Your business pages have changed to improve the functionality and allow you to add even more personalisation. This allows you to put all of the important information in front of potential customers, as well as some new features that give you the opportunity to really make your business stand out.


  • Easier communication – Users can phone or message you at the touch of a button as well as using simple links to access your website and social media channels.
  • All of your ads in one place – a designated spot where users can easily browse all of the ads you have on offer.
  • Contribute to our busy blog platform – Any news, advice or guides that you provide to our blog will be displayed within your own business page. This gives even more exposure to your brand.
  • Integrate your achievements – Display any relevant certifications you hold to give the user even more reason to shop with you.


  • Integrate your reviews – Display your Google reviews to give your potential customers trust in your business.
  • Showcase your Instagram feed – Integrate your Instagram profile to ensure your business page always has fresh content and gain even more followers.

Update your contact details

Ensure that your contact details, website link and social media channels are up to date so that potential customers can easily make enquries and check out more of your adverts.

Display your opening hours

Let users know when you’re available by keeping your opening hours up to date. You can choose: Always open, by appointment only and custom hours.


Make sure you have written an in depth and informative description about your business so that when users visit your page they can get a full understanding of what you do.

Integrate a map

Add a map to your profile to allow customers to know how far they need to travel. Finding a great horse that’s situated close to you can be a massive selling point.

Illustrate your profile

Populate the image tab with photos and set your favourite picture as the cover photo of your whole profile. Keep an eye out for integrated Instagram feeds – coming soon!

Integrate your achievements

With our new tool you can display any certificates or awards you have received at the forefront of your profile. This gives your potential customers even more reason to buy from you.


We’ve improved your account management pages, making it even easier to understand how your adverts are performing and stay in contact with your potential customers. Quickly make edits to your ad in the manage your ads section as well as viewing ad by ad statistics to clearly see your success.


  • A simple, easy to understand dashboard – Your main dashboard shows your top level statistics and most recent messages as well as your latest searches and recently viewed ads.
  • Better ad by ad statistics – Easily see how each ad is performing in terms of views, contact clicks and enquiries. This helps you see which of your horses is most popular and which ones could use a boost.
  • Boost your ads when they need a push – Utilise the boost button to get your ads seen by even more people. More views = more enquiries!
  • Easier messaging – We’ve made messaging even simpler, contact your potential customers using our new and improved messenger to organise your sale with ease.
  • Save draft adverts for later – Creating an ad but don’t quite have time to finish it? We’ll save your progress and hold the ad for you in the drafts section for you to come back to later.


Our new dashboard gives you a clear, top level look at your successes. See some of your main statistics, your latest messages and which of your ads is performing best all in one place.

Access your messages

Keep in contact with your potential customers and refer back to previous conversations with our improved messaging service. Making it even easier to make a sale. 

all of your ads in one place

See all of the ads you have live in one tab, with opportunity to make edits to the adverts or share them for even more exposure. All of your expired posts and drafts are also accessible here. 

Monitor your performance

Easily access an ad by ad breakdown of how your business is performing. View your stats for the last week, month or all time. Give your ad a boost up the listings for even more enquiries.

update your business profile

As shown in the section above, you can make edits to your business profile within the new account section. Personalise your page to attract even more customers.